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JFK Islanders Raise $2,000+ For CNMI - November 2018

Guam – In response to the devastation caused by Supertyphoon Yutu, the Islanders over at John F. Kennedy High School do the one thing islanders always do – take care of each other.

It all started the day after the storm. Students saw images and videos of the devastation from their advisers and decided it would be a call of action to help their neighboring islands “because we are one Marianas.”

By organizing a coin drive and a casual-day fundraiser, the Islanders were able to raise over two-thousand dollars in a span of three days. $747 were raised from a Halloween-themed dress-down fundraiser, and $1,331 were raised from the coin drive.

Representing the Ayuda Foundation, Association of Pacific Island Legislatures’ Guam delegate, Senator Jim Espaldon was present to receive the check. Espaldon stated that a team from the Ayuda Foundation had been mobilized to Saipan and Tinian to report on the needs that are being met. He added that “this donation goes a long ways in helping people over there.”

The Ayuda Foundation has been tirelessly assisting the people of the CNMI as they rebuild. According to Espaldon, they are working with wholesalers and been receiving discounts on basic necessities for the CNMI. The foundation is also working on getting much needed medicine to the islands in response to Supertyphoon Yutu. This weekend, Ayuda was able to fill a forty-foot container with over 500 cases of medical supplies which will be going to the Commonwealth Health Center.



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